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“Let’s not just talk about love, let’s practice real love.
This is the only way we’ll know we’re truly living
in God’s reality.”  1 John 3:18

Clay and Kristin Powell have a deep rooted passion to see people living a life full of freedom and serving others with a relentless love. Their heart is to plant a life-giving church of diverse people -- a relationally healthy community that fosters a culture of invitation and generosity. After years of seeking the Father’s direction in prayer and dreaming, they are stepping out in faith and planting Elkhart City Church in January of 2022!


Clay and Kristin are originally from Texas. Clay is from Houston and Kristin is from Midland, but their paths did not cross until they were in ministry school in Springfield, MO. It was there that they fell in love and began a lifelong ministry together. They married and started a beautiful family while serving all over the country. They have three children, Jordan, Riley, and Cameron. Clay and Kristin want to lead this community to live on mission with the heart of God to love all people. There will be mountains to climb and valleys to weather and they don’t promise to do it perfectly, but they promise to do it together.

Our Story

About - Our Story
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Elkhart City Church is a community of people helping each other find hope, purpose, & authentic relationships. We think ECC has some of the best people you'll meet!

About - Our People
About - Our Beliefs
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  • JESUS is our message
    Jesus + Nothing = Everything. Everything – Jesus = Nothing. We don’t simply live life for Christ, we live life with Christ.
  • PEOPLE are our heart
    Our heart is for ALL people because we believe that everyone is a “10” at something.
  • GENEROSITY is our privilege
    We take action. We are generous with our time, energy, and resources. God has given us so much, we freely give in response to Him.
  • SERVANT LEADERSHIP is our identity
    We believe the greatest leadership is service to others. Every leader is a servant first. From the pulpit to the parking lot, every role looks different but each is of the utmost importance.
  • LIVING AS A FAMILY is our priority
    We are always better together. What God has called us to collectively is greater than anything He may ask of us individually.
  • KIDS are our responsibility
    Our greatest investment may not be something we do but the children we raise.
  • EXCELLENCE is our spirit
    We are determined to give our best while consistently asking, “Is this the best way to _____.”
  • WORSHIP is our anthem
    Everything we do is to connect people to Jesus. We believe that worship opens the hearts of those who have closed their hearts to God.
  • THANKFULNESS is our lifestyle
    It’s not something we do, thankful is how we live.
  • FUN is our personality
    We unapologetically love to smile, laugh, and enjoy life together. We believe church and life are meant to be enjoyed, not endured.
About - Our Values
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